Welcome to Wellness for Life, Inc.

For 18 years, Wellness For Life, Inc. has and continues to provide physical therapy and wellness services to Squirrel Hill and surrounding Pittsburgh communities. Graduating together from Chatham College, Mike and Holly bring 46 years of combined experience to you! They have provided rehabilitation through the lifespan and have had the pleasure of making a difference in lives from infants who are days old to adults who are 104 years old!

OUR MISSION is to promote a pro-active, healthy lifestyle through the provision of physical therapy and wellness services to people of all ages and abilities, to give them opportunity to participate in a longer and more active quality life.


  • Outpatient Physical Therapy*
  • Private Physical Therapy
  • Fitness Assessments
  • Posture Awareness Education and Training
  • Strength, Balance & Flexibility Awareness Education and Training
  • Customized Exercise Programs and Training
  • Caregiver training to assist safely with mobility and transfers
  • Home safety assessment for safe mobility and transfers
  • Massage
  • Myofascial release and Cranio-sacral Therapy
  • Customized parent/caregiver training to prevent and to treat torticollis
    and plagiocephaly in infants
  • Milestone assessment of infants- cognition, self-help, personal social,
    communication and all gross and fine motor skills are assessed
  • Parent/caregiver education and training in overall developmental milestones


*contact us to learn of participating insurance plans